Children`s Go-Karting Specialists


Keep your child safe

On average 37 children up to the age of 16 were killed or seriously injured every week on our roads in 2007

In this session, children are taught road awareness and skills on how to deal with traffic and the roads.

What better way to get the message of safety across to a child than with fun and games.

Topic Covered Include

  • Cars take time to STOP
  • Green Cross Code
  • See and be Seen
  • Crossing at Zebra Crossings
  • Crossing Near Parked Cars
  • Holding Hands

We have cleverly designed games using the go-karts to re-inforce the messages, for example:

We improve the children’s understanding and discipline to act on the word STOP while driving a Go-Kart. To emphasize the importance of LOOKING we play a game which involves the children driving around the track avoiding a large beach ball, this helps improve there observation skills. The LISTEN part is designed to help the children be more aware of what they are hearing on the roads, we do this by slowing the Go-Karts right down while the children are asked to shut there eyes and to try to navigate around the track following the sound of a Tambourine, relying only on there hearing!
The children will each be provided with hand-outs, posters and drawings.


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